The music used in this recording is the intellectual copyright of Michael Levy, a prolific composer for the recreated lyres of antiquity, and used with the creator's permission. Michael Levy's music is available to stream at all the major digital music platforms. Find out more on:

IMAGES: Marsyas, 07.04.2007 CC BY SA 2.5 Richard Mortel CC BY 2.0 Sp!ros CC BY SA 4.0 Magrippa at English Wikipedia GNU Free Documentation License Charles Laplante Public domain Jean Leon Gerome Ferris Public domain Generic Mapping Tools The map has been created with the Generic Mapping Tools: using one or more of these public-domain datasets for the relief:

  • ETOPO2 (topography/bathymetry):
  • GLOBE (topography):
  • SRTM (topography): Public domain Talessman CC BY SA 3.0 CNG Coins Classical Numismatic Group, Inc CC BY SA 3.0,_338_BC_en.svg

  • Battle_of_Chaeronea,_338_BC.gif: Kirill Lokshin
  • derivative work: Dipa_1965 (talk) Public domain,_Le_Passage_du_Granique,_1665.png Charles Le Brun Public domain Frank Martini. Cartographer, Department of History, United States Military Academy Public domain,_taken_from_the_isthmus._Coloured_l_Wellcome_V0049481.jpg Wellcome Images CC BY 4.0 Philg88 CC BY SA 3.0 Mark Cartwright CC BY NC SA 4.0 Mark Cartwright CC BY NC SA 4.0تندیس_آریوبرزن_-_panoramio.jpg Hadi Karimi CC BY 3.0 Kirkman, Marshall Monroe, 1842-1921 Public domain Blondinrikard Fröberg CC BY 2.0 Andre Castaigne (1861-1929) Public domain Pietro Rotari Public domain Egisto Sani CC BY NC SA 4.0 Caroline Cervera CC BY NC SA 4.0 Photograph: Luis García (Zaqarbal), 3 December 2008 CC BY SA 3.0

  • The_phalanx_attacking_the_centre_in_the_battle_of_the_Hydaspes_by_Andre_Castaigne_(1898-1899).jpg: André Castaigne
  • derivative work: Alagos (talk) Public domain,Pierre-Henri_de-Alexander_at_the_Tomb_of_Cyrus_the_Great-_1796.jpg Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes Art institvte Chicago Public domain Ronald Slabke CC BY SA 3.0 Edmund Ollier Public domain,_from_the_Tomb_of_Agios_Athanasios,_4th_century_BC.jpg Ancient painters of Macedonia, Greece / PericlesofAthens / Ismoon Pinterest Public domain The Art Archive/Archaeological Museum Naples/Dagli Orti / Brandmeister (old) Public domain Urek Meniashvili CC BY SA 3.0,_tough_type.Roman_copy(2nd_century_CE)of_an_original(c._330_BCE)._Altes_Museum,_Berlin.jpg Osama Shukir Muhammed Amin FRCP(Glasg) CC BY SA 4.0 Javierfv1212 (talk) / Derivative works of this file: Diadoch-es.svg Public domain Arienne King CC BY NC SA 4.0


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